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A2 Hosting Account Management

These articles show how to manage your A2 Hosting account using the Customer Portal.

Editing account details

Learn how to edit and update your account details on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal. This includes your e-mail address, which you use to log on to the Customer Portal.

Managing contacts and sub-accounts

You can maintain lists of contacts and sub-accounts for your account on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal.

Account security

You can change your password and security question on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal. You can also reset your password if you forget it. Learn how here.

Enabling two-factor authentication for your A2 Hosting account

You can use two-factor authentication to help secure your A2 Hosting customer portal account. Learn how in this article.

Transferring account ownership

You can use the A2 Hosting Customer Portal to transfer account ownership to another person, and this article shows you how.

Viewing e-mail history

You can use the Customer Portal to review messages A2 Hosting has sent to your account. For example, you can view the Welcome message you received when you first signed up for your account.

Cancelling a product or service

You can cancel a product or service for your account by using the A2 Hosting Customer Portal.

Cancelling your account

Learn what you need to do to cancel products associated with your account.

Managing Developer Access

You can allow developers direct access to your account on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal.

Enabling Single Sign-On

This article describes how to configure Single Sign-On functionality for your sub-accounts on an account.

Viewing the Support PIN

Learn how to use the Support PIN for your account.