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Cloud VPS Hosting Information

Learn how to develop and manage your Cloud VPS hosting account with these articles.

Cloud VPS Frequently Asked Questions

What configuration options are available for Cloud VPS hosting? How do I add more virtual machines? Get answers to these and other Cloud VPS questions here.

Managing a Cloud VPS

Learn how to start and stop a Cloud VPS, reboot it, and more. The A2 Hosting Customer Portal enables you to control many aspects of a Cloud VPS from one convenient interface.

Modifying or rebuilding a Cloud VPS configuration

You can easily modify an existing Cloud VPS configuration, or you can delete it and build an entirely new configuration.

Cloud VPS billing

Cloud VPS accounts are billed differently from other types of accounts. Learn about the differences here.

Troubleshooting a Cloud VPS that does not start

Learn what to do when a Cloud VPS instance does not boot or "hangs" during the startup process.

Configuring additional IP addresses on a Cloud VPS

All Cloud VPS instances include one IP address. However, you can configure additional IP addresses on a Cloud VPS, and this article shows you how.