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Using the Domain Features in cPanel

cPanel has several ways to administer your domains. Read these articles to learn more.


Learn how to add, redirect, and delete subdomains in cPanel.

Configuring addon domains and aliases (parked domains)

You can use cPanel to configure addon domains and aliases (which were referred to as Parked Domains in older versions of cPanel). Learn how here.


You can use cPanel to configure a web page to redirect to a different web page.

Autodiscovery and autoconfiguration DNS records

cPanel automatically adds autodiscovery and autoconfiguration DNS records to your domain. Learn more about these records in this article.

Using the cPanel Zone Editor

The Zone Editor in cPanel enables you to configure DNS settings such as custom A, CNAME, and TXT records. Learn how here.

Using the cPanel Site Publisher

Easily make a single page website with cPanel Site Publisher

Using the cPanel Domains Tool

Learn to use the cPanel Domains tool to create and manage domains.