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Client-Side Technologies Overview

These articles discuss some client-side technologies commonly used in web environments, as well as additions you can use to enhance your web site's functionality.


jQuery is a popular JavaScript library used for web development. A2 Hosting servers support jQuery-enabled sites.

Installing Ember.js on managed hosting accounts

Ember.js is an open source JavaScript web application framework. A2 Hosting servers support Ember.js-enabled pages, and you can learn how to install it here.

Using the markItUp JavaScript plugin

The markItUp JavaScript plugin enables you to quickly and easily turn any HTML textarea element into a powerful markup editor.


Flash is widely used on the web to display animations, audio and video, and more. A2 Hosting servers support serving Flash files.


The MP3 format is a popular way to encode audio content. A2 Hosting servers support MP3 Hosting files.


MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files provide a way to send audio to clients. A2 Hosting servers support MIDI files.