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PostgreSQL Development Information

Get solutions and answers to your PostgreSQL development questions here.

Connecting to PostgreSQL from the command line

You use the psql program to connect directly to PostgreSQL from the command line. Learn how here.

Connecting to PostgreSQL using PHP

Learn about different methods for connecting to a PostgreSQL database using PHP.

Connecting to PostgreSQL using Python

There are several ways you can connect to a PostgreSQL database using Python, and this article shows you how.

Connecting to PostgreSQL using Perl

Learn how to connect to a PostgreSQL database using Perl.

Importing and exporting a PostgreSQL database

Learn how to import and export a PostgreSQL database. If you already have a database that you want to install on an A2 Hosting server, or you want to back up your database, this article shows you how.

Remote PostgreSQL connections

There are two options for connecting to PostgreSQL databases remotely. Learn about them and how to set them up here.

PostgreSQL client applications

You can use PostgreSQL client applications to manage your PostgreSQL databases remotely. These client applications can be faster and easier to use than cPanel or the command line.

PostgreSQL database backups using cron jobs

Learn how to set up a cron job that automatically backs up a PostgreSQL database at defined intervals.

Managing PostgreSQL databases and users from the command line

Learn how to do common PostgreSQL administration tasks from the command line. Please note that this article only applies to unmanaged products.

Determining the PostgreSQL and PostGIS versions

Learn how to determine which versions of PostgreSQL and PostGIS are installed on a server.

Determining the size of PostgreSQL databases and tables

This article demonstrates some ways to determine the size of PostgreSQL databases and tables.

Renaming a PostgreSQL database

There are scenarios, such as data migration or site development, where you may want to rename a PostgreSQL database. Learn how here.

ECCN and HTS numbers for PostgreSQL

ECCN and HTS numbers are used for export control from the United States to another country. Learn more about these numbers and PostgreSQL in this article.