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How to Setup and Optimize PrestaShop

Read these articles to learn how to customize and optimize your PrestaShop installation.

Optimizing PrestaShop performance settings

Learn how to improve your PrestaShop store's performance by optimizing its performance settings.

Updating PrestaShop

Keeping a PrestaShop site updated is important for stability and security reasons. This article describes two methods for updating a PrestaShop installation.

Configuring PrestaShop to use memcached

To help improve your site's performance, you can configure PrestaShop to use memcached. Please note that you must have a VPS or Flex Dedicated Server to use memcached.

Enabling error reporting in PrestaShop

For security reasons, PrestaShop's error reporting feature is turned off by default. However, there may be occasions when you need to enable error reporting. Learn how here.

Resetting the PrestaShop administrator password

If you are locked out of your PrestaShop administrator account, there are a few ways you can reset your password. This article shows you how.

Enabling PrestaShop maintenance mode

PrestaShop's maintenance mode feature allows authorized IP addresses to view the store normally, while all other visitors receive a maintenance message in their web browsers. This feature is frequently used during site development and testing, or when you need to apply updates.

Changing the PrestaShop URL settings

You may need to change the PrestaShop URL settings from time to time, such as when you migrate to a new domain, or if you want to use a temporary URL for testing. This article shows you how.

Working with languages in PrestaShop

PrestaShop provides support for numerous languages, which makes it easy to internationalize your shop. Learn more here.

Adding CAPTCHA protection to a PrestaShop site

CAPTCHA protection helps secure your PrestaShop site, and reduces the amount of spamming by bots and other malicious actors. Learn how to add CAPTCHAs to your site here.

Using Google Analytics with PrestaShop

Learn how to use Google Analytics with your PrestaShop site to obtain statistics about visitor traffic.

Using Piwik with PrestaShop

Learn how to integrate the open-source Piwik analytics platform with PrestaShop.

Using APC or OPcache with PrestaShop

This article discusses using APC or OPcache with PrestaShop.

Managing multiple shops in PrestaShop

The multi-store feature in PrestaShop enables you to manage multiple shops from one convenient interface. Learn more here.

Using GTMetrix to improve PrestaShop performance

Learn how you can use the information in GTMetrix performance reports to help PrestaShop site performance.

Identifying and avoiding harmful PrestaShop modules

Some PrestaShop modules can negatively affect site and server performance. Learn how to look out for these modules in this article.

Clearing the Smarty cache in PrestaShop

If you make changes to a PrestaShop theme, you may have to clear the Smarty cache to see the modifications. This article shows you how.

Troubleshooting blank pages in PrestaShop

Learn what to do when PrestaShop displays a blank page, also sometimes known as the "white screen of death."

Enabling SSL for PrestaShop

You have purchased and installed an SSL certificate, and now you want to use it with PrestaShop. This article shows you how.

Generating multiple PrestaShop cart rules

Learn how to generate multiple PrestaShop cart rules at once in this tutorial.

Configuring product packs in PrestaShop

Learn how to configure product packs for your PrestaShop site in this tutorial.