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How To Setup PrestaShop Maintenance Mode

This article describes how to enable maintenance mode in PrestaShop. When PrestaShop is in maintenance mode, visitors see a maintenance message in their web browsers instead of the store. However, authorized IP addresses can still view the store normally. This feature allows you to develop and test your PrestaShop store before it goes "live".

Enabling maintenance mode

To enable maintenance mode in PrestaShop, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PrestaShop as the administrator.
  2. On the top menu bar, click Preferences, and then click Maintenance.
  3. Under Enable Shop, click No. This setting takes your store offline.
  4. In the Maintenance IP text box, type the IP address or addresses that you want to allow to access the store while it is in maintenance mode.
    Alternatively, click Add my IP and PrestaShop automatically adds your current IP address.
  5. Click Save. Now when you visit PrestaShop from an authorized IP address, it displays normally. All other site visitors, however, receive a PrestaShop maintenance message in their web browsers.

More Information

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