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Plesk Features For The Windows Operating System

Plesk works with multiple operating systems and not all features are available on every operating system. These articles describe features for Plesk running on the Windows operating system.

Managing virtual directories in Plesk

Learn how to manage virtual directories in Plesk.

Using FTP with Windows hosting accounts

FTP provides a way for you to transfer files to and from your A2 Hosting account. This article demonstrates how to set up and use an FTP client with any of our Windows hosting packages.

Configuring the default document in Plesk

Learn how to configure the default document for your site in Plesk.

Changing the ASP.NET version in Plesk

You can quickly and easily change the active ASP.NET version on your account, and this article shows you how.

Installable applications

Learn how to install and configure applications on your Windows Hosting account.